8 Ft Spool Rack


Includes 45 different hose and tubing constructions displayed on an attractive racking system for easy dispensing. Color coded by hose type. Unique display arms for individual product information features an easy fixture for holding hose and tubing in place after cutting. Descriptive rack header showing complete product specifications. 84“H x 96” W without header.

Assortment includes:

  • T10 Clear Vinyl Tubing
  • T12 Braided Vinyl Tubing
  • T16 Polyethylene Tubing
  • T18 Red PVC Air/Water Hose
  • T22 PVC Fuel Hose
  • T24 Micro Fuel Tubing
  • T30 Spa Hose
  • T32 Pool Vacuum Hose
  • T34 Bilge Hose
  • T36 Economy PVC Discharge Hose
  • T44 PVC Appliance Drain Hose
  • T62 Heater Hose
  • T64 Latex Tubing
  • Custom assortments available