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Radiator hose 2260 Radiator Hose

Designed for use in engine cooling systems as a flexible connector

heater hose 2210 Heater Hose

Designed for cooling system applications. Resistant to common coolant solutions. Meets SAE J20R3.

heavy duty heater hose 2212 Heavy Duty Heater Hose

Premium construction coolant hose provides long service life in all automotive and truck cooling applications. Meets SAE J20R3 D3 HT

SAE J30R7 2230 SAE J30R7 Fuel Line Hose

Fuel line, vapor emission, and crankcase ventilation hose to SAE J30R7 specifications

SAE J30R9 2239 SAE J30R9 Fuel Injection Hose

Hose designed for auto and truck fuel injection systems hose to SAE J30R9 specifications. CARB approved (C-U-06-011)

Transmission Oil Cooler Hose 2238 Transmission Oil Cooler Hose

Designed for use in connecting add-on and external transmission oil coolers for auto and light trucks

SAE J1402A Air Brake Hose 2232 SAE J1402A Air Brake Hose

Designed for compressed air brake systems more commonly found on heavy duty trucks. SAE J1402A specifications and DOT (FMVSS-106)