Blaudieck® LGD

Blaudieck® LGD


Blaudieck® LGD is primarily for liquid transfer. The Blaudieck® LGD hose offers high quality at a reasonable price. The hygienically smooth, non-porous tube is absolutely neutral to taste and odor and thus suitable for various applications in the beverage and food industry. It is resistant to commonly used cleaning and disinfecting products and can easily be cleaned conventionally or by CIP installations. Both, tube and cover are resistant to oil and fats and is FDA Compliant. Blaudieck® LGD is manufactured to European standards.


White, non-porous and smooth NBR (Nitrile) tube, absolutely neutral to taste and odor. Meets the recommendation XXI of BfR and FDA and 3A sanitary.


Blue, fabric patterned NBR (Nitrile) cover, resistant to ozone, weather, UV and abrasion resistant


Synthetic Fibers

Temperature Range

-22°F to 176°F (-30°C up to 80°C)


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Part #
Weight (lbs/ft.)
Working Pressure (PSI)
Bend Radius(in.)
20853789 1" 1.44" 0.19 232 3.13"
20853783 1-1/2" 2.19" 1.14 232 9.44"
20853791 1-9/16" 2.25" 1.28 232 9.44"
20853792 2" 2.75" 1.81 232 11.81"
20853796 2-5/8" 3.50" 2.55 232 17.94"
20853793 3" 3.88" 2.75 232 20.69"