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Spiraflex® Vacuum

Spiraflex® Vacuum hose is for dust collection and exhaust transmission where airborne pollutants, fumes and odors are a major problem.

Spiraflex® Ducting

Versatile enough for use in leaf collection machines, manhole blowers and air conditioning and heating applications, as well as for air ducting and pollution control devices

Spiraflex® Grassvac™

For lawn, leaf, mulch and yard waste collection. It is also suitable for dust control, ventilation, and ducting

Plicord® LW Industrial Vacuum (Lightweight Construction)

Lightweight construction used to exhaust fumes and abrasive dust from woodworking machines, metal, rock, granite and similar processing equipment

Plicord® HD Industrial Vacuum

Heavy duty construction for handling abrasive dust from metal, rock, marble and wood grinding machines as well as exhaust acid fumes