Manual Farm Nozzle

Manual Farm Nozzle


Harco Industries Manual Farm Nozzle is designed for light-duty and built for durability. It is an excellent choice for your 12 volt pumps. Meets all EPA standards. For use on gravity tanks, 12 volt pumps and 110 volt pumps.

  • Precision Control - Top off your customer's tank to the precise amount
  • Spout: Available in 13/16 or 15/16 spout OD
  • Aluminum Body - Lightweight for ease of use
  • Replacement Spout - Replaced by simply unthreading from body
  • Lever - Compound lever provides easy control to top off tank
  • Multipurpose - For use on gravity tanks, 12 volt and 110 volt pumps


  • Body: Sand Cast Aluminum
  • Hook: Cast Aluminum
  • Lever: Cast Aluminum
  • Spout: Aluminum
  • Packing: Buna-N
  • Disc: Buna-N
  • Inlet: 3/4" and 1" NPT