Mandals Lay-flat hoses are used in large mobile stand-by emergency firefighting systems around the world. Stored securely and centrally to reduce the response time for a city, a factor, or a large refinery where the consequences of a fire is often dramatic. Fire hoses are also used in case of flooding, for quickened safe dewatering of large or small areas. Mandals Mertex is an uncovered fire hose used widely in the maritime industry, and carries our certification.


  • Fire Fighting


  • Mandals Mertex is a circular woven hose with an extruded inner lining of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  • The hose is very lightweight yet rugged with good mechanical properties



Inner Diameter
Wall Thickness
Weight Lbs/Ft
Burst Pressure PSI
Tensile Strength x 1000 Lbs
1 1/2" 0.06" 0.13 870 12.7
2" 0.07" 0.19 800 16.0
2 1/2" 0.07" 0.24 725 19.3