Mandals Mortar is a light weight, safe & easy to use concrete boom hose from Mandals AS. The hose answers a need in the market for an easy to handle concrete placement hose. It is ideal for ICF forms as well as tall walls, and columns where space in minimal. The Lay-Flat design allows improved flow control and lower placement rates compared to conventional concrete discharge hoses. Mandals Mortar conforms with or exceeds strictly safety regulation such as the North American ASME B30.27 2009


  • Construction


  • Mandals Mortar conform with or exceed strict safety regulation such as North American ASME B30.27 2009
  • Extruded through a circular woven jacket
  • Very strong bond between cover and lining and encapsulates the reinforcement



Inner Diameter
Wall Thickness
Weight Lbs/Ft
Burst Pressure PSI
Tensile Strength x 1000 Lbs
4" 0.17" 1.16 2500 178
5" 0.18" 1.64 2500 218