3/8" NPT Standard Pressure Regulator

3/8 NPT Standard Pressure Regulator


Milton's 3/8" NPT Standard Pressure Regulator offers stable downstream air pressure over a wide range of air flows with accurate control, fast response and minimal pressure drop. Regulators should always be preceded by a filter to eliminate damage to the unit or inaccurate air flow. The aluminum die cast body comes with a balanced piston, molded rubber seat, Buna-N diaphragm and O rings. This regulator also has two offset 1/4" gauge ports which can serve as two 1/4" supply lines. As a standard pressure regulator, the 3/8" NPT Mid-Size Standard Regulator has a maximum inlet pressure of 250 PSI with a regulated pressure range of 5-125 PSI.

  • 3/8" national pipe thread
  • Maximum inlet pressure of 250 PSI
  • Regulated pressure range of 5-125 PSI
  • Operating temperature range of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Part Number

    • 1114