FRL Air Lubricator - 1/4" NPT - Polycarbonate Bowl

FRL Air Lubricator - 1/4 NPT - Polycarbonate Bowl


This (EX45L-02P) 1/4" NPT Air Lubricator features a Polycarbonate bowl with a capacity of 4.56 oz. FRL Lubricator delivers a consistent mist of oil through the airline and extends tool life. Oil amount is easily adjusted by rotating dial at the top of the unit. FRL Lubricator can be refilled either by removing bowl or filling through oil fill cap on top. Max Air Flow of 175 CFM and a max operating pressure 145 PSI.

  • FRL Air Lubricators: Extend air tool life and provide a continuous supply of oil.
  • Durable cast aluminum body to resist corrosion. Rotating flow dial to adjust oil volume. Easy-access oil fill cap.
  • Polycarbonate Bowl: Full, transparent view of fluid level. Bowl Capacity: 4.56 OZ.
  • 1/4" inch national pipe threads on both inlet/outlet.
  • Max Air Flow: 175 CFM. Max operating pressure: 145 PSI. Temperature range between 25°F and 140°F or -5°C and 60°C.
  • Part Number

    • EX45L-02P