FRL (Piggyback) Air Filter & Regulator w/Lubricator - 1/4" NPT - Polycarbonate Bowl, Automatic Float

FRL (Piggyback) Air Filter & Regulator w/Lubricator - 1/4 NPT - Polycarbonate Bowl, Automatic Float


Limited wall space? This (EX45PBL40A-02P) 1/4" NPT Piggyback Air Filter & Regulator with Lubricator (FRL) trio pack saves space by combining features of the filter, regulator & lubricator into one unit. Its polycarbonate bowl has a capacity of 7.4 oz. and an automatic drain, or can be manually drained by rotating the shut-off at the bottom. Piggybacking onto the filter is the Regulator, which includes 1 5/8” dial gauge readings in both PSI/Mpa as well as a lockout knob to set desired PSI. The Lubricator is attached to the piggyback unit and includes bowl with a capacity of 4.56 oz. The FRL lubricator delivers a consistent mist of oil through the airline and extends tool life which can be refilled either by removing bowl or filling through oil fill cap on top. Oil amount is easily adjusted by rotating the dial at the top of the unit. Max Airflow of 106 CFM and a max operating pressure 145 PSI. Always install FR 20' feet down line of air compressor to allow air to cool and lessen the amount of water carried through the supply line.

  • FRL Air Filter Regulator Lubricator System: Removes water/particles, protects air tools, prevents overdrying tools. Provides adjustable pressure, continuous oil supply, and extended air tool life.
  • Piggyback: Compact Filter/Regulator duo that combines the functions of both parts. Most effective when space is limited- Save space on your wall.
  • Polycarbonate Bowl: Full, transparent view of fluid level. Filter Bowl Capacity: 1.4 OZ. Lubricator Bowl Capacity: 0.845 OZ.
  • 1/4" inch national pipe threads on both inlet/outlet. Dial gauge scale range: (0 to 160 PSI, 0 to 1.1 MPa). Adjustment range: 5-120 PSI.
  • Max Air Flow: 106 CFM. Max operating pressure: 145 PSI. Temperature range between 25°F and 140°F or -5°C and 60°C.
  • Part Number

    • EX45PBL40A-02P