FRL Air Regulator - 1/4" NPT

FRL Air Regulator - 1/4 NPT


This (EX45R-02) 1/4" NPT Air Regulator maintains consistent pressure and prevents overdriving tools. The FRL Regulator features 1 5/8” dial gauge readings in PSI and MPa, and includes a lockout knob that allows set PSI pressure. Adjustment ranges 5-125 PSI. Max Air Flow of 212 CFM and max operating pressure of 145 PSI. Gauge thread: 1/4" center mount.

  • FRL Air Regulators: Prevent overdriving tools and have adjustable pressure.
  • Durable cast aluminum body to resist corrosion. INCLUDES mounting bracket.
  • Dial gauge pressure range: (0 to 160 PSI, 0 to 1.1 MPa). Locking adjustable knob to set/maintain consistent pressure. Ranges: 5-125 PSI.
  • 1/4" inch national pipe threads on both inlet/outlet. Gauge thread (gauge included): 1/4" center mount.
  • Max Air Flow: 212 CFM. Max operating pressure: 145 PSI. Temperature range between 25°F and 140°F or -5°C and 60°C.
  • Part Number

    • EX45R-02