Turbo Siphon Spray Cleaning Blow Gun

Turbo Siphon Spray Cleaning Blow Gun


Keep your workshop, engines, gutters, and/or other desired areas clean with this Turbo siphon spray-cleaning blow gun, using compressed air with water, solvent cleaners, or liquids of your choice to clean heavier soiled surfaces and remove other unwanted messes. This versatile air tool can also be used to apply protective coatings or even remove grease, dirt, grimy sludge buildup in engines, and makes an essential tool for truck drivers, shops, garages, farming/agricultural and industrial use. Air inlet offers maximum flow for easy clean up and blowing off heavy shavings and chips to messy gutters. Meets OSHA standards 1910.242(B) compliance.

  • EASY CLEANING: Compressed air + pressurized liquid blows away mess/soiled surfaces, applies coatings.
  • INCLUDES: Durable aluminum air blow gun, adjustable air/liquid mix knob, and 5 feet of siphon tubing.
  • VERSATILE: For truck drivers, workshops, home garages, heavy duty industrial + farming applications.
  • AIR FLOW: 10 cubic ft. per minute, 1/4" (F) national pipe thread air inlet.
  • MAX PSI: Maximum working pressure of 225 pounds per square inch.
  • Part Number

    • S-184