IAP-800™ Hose



  • Very strong and flexible hose, with good heat and chemical resistance, along with superior flow characteristics
  • The Friction Fighter SystemTM creates an extremely smooth waterway surface, thereby significantly reducing friction loss and improving flow characteristics


Poly-Cord ring spun polyester warp yarns are combined with filament polyester filler yarns. Available either plain / uncoated “natural” white, or with our optional Ultra-ShieldTM high-performance polyurethane coating applied to seal each and every fiber in the bundle. The Dura-ThaneTM polyurethane inner lining is extremely light weight and compact, and is a National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 60) approved material for safely conveying drinking water. Made in USA


North American Fire Hose

Acceptance Test PSI
Max Length
Bowl Size
Weight per 50' Uncpld
1-1/2" 800 50/75/100' 1-15/16" 15
2-1/2" 800 50/75/100' 3" 16
3" 800 50/75/100' 3-17/32" 31