Mil-H-24606™ Hose

Mil-H-24606™ Hose


  • The EPDM rubber lining is unaffected by Ozone deterioration, and is one component in the Friction Fighter SystemTM, creating an extremely smooth waterway surface, thereby reducing friction loss and improving nozzle performance.
  • The result is a very strong, flexible, and “Tuff” hose, with good heat and chemical resistance.


Poly-Cord ring-spun polyester warp yarns are combined with filament polyester filler yarns. Made in the USA


North American Fire Hose

Acceptance Test PSI
Bowl Size
Max Length
Weight per 100' Cpld Brass
1-1/2" 600 PSI 1-15/16" 25/50/75/100' 15#
1-3/4" 600 PSI 2-1/8" 25/50/75/100' 21#
2-1/2" 600 PSI 3" 25/50/75/100' 34#