NAFH-187™ Type II

NAFH-187™ Type II


  • Immune to the effects of mildew and rot, requiring less maintenance after use
  • Forestry, Wildland and CAFS


Poly-Cord ring-spun polyester warp yarns are combined with filament polyester filler yarns. Fabric construction features a very fine twill weave for improved abrasion and snagging resistance in wild land fire fighting situations. Meets all requirements of the U.S. Forest Service Standard 5100-187 for Type II construction. Made in the USA


North American Fire Hose

Acceptance Test PSI
Bowl Size
Max Length
Weight per 100' Uncpld
1" 600 PSI 1-3/16" 50/100' 10#
1-1/2" 600 PSI 1-3/4" 50/100' 14#