Outback 600™ Hose

Outback 600™ Hose


  • Immune to the effects of mildew and rot, requiring less maintenance after use
  • Designed to withstand the rigors of the Outback, as well as other wildland fire fighting situations
  • Forestry, Wildland and CAFS


Poly-CordTM ring-spun polyester warp yarns are combined with filament polyester filler yarns. Fabric construction features a very fine twill weave for improved abrasion and snagging resistance in wildland fire fighting situations. Made in the USA


North American Fire Hose

Acceptance Test PSI
Bowl Size
Max Length
Weight per 100' Uncpld
1" 600 PSI 1-1/4" 50/75/100' 10#
1-1/2" 600 PSI 1-3/4" 50/75/100' 14#