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This flame retardant welding fume extraction duct and cable cover is designed specifically for welding environments including sparks and slag

SF TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber)SF TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) 9SFTPRW

Molecularly bonded high temperature thermo plastic rubber. Exceeds temperature limit of most plastics and is an economical alternative to specialty fabric duct

SF PVC (Thermo Plastic PVC)SF PVC (Thermo Plastic PVC) 9SFPVCW

This duct’s special molecularly bonded construction means less turbulence for maximum flow efficiency

Urethane Leaf Collector HoseUrethane Leaf Collector Hose 9SFTPUW_HW

An economical alternative to cumbersome rubber hose. Polyurethane wall for superior abrasion resistance. UV stabilized for outdoor use.


Double-ply bonded construction provides enhanced positive pressure performance with UL94V0 approved materials.

HDAP - All Purpose Thermoplastic HoseHDAP - All Purpose Thermoplastic Hose 9SFHDAP

Heavy duty thermoplastic inner tube with fully encapsulated plastic, external wear strip. All extruded thermoplastic heavy wall hose

Insulation Blowing HoseInsulation Blowing Hose 9SFEVAX

All extruded construction in ultra light weight translucent EVA for visual flow monitoring

SF TPU (Wall Gauge 0.030SF TPU (Wall Gauge 0.030 in.) 9SFTPUW

All extruded, molecularly bonded urethane duct with encapsulated wire offers maximum abrasion resistance and superior tear resistance/tensile strength

Yellow Jack Pumper Sanitation HoseYellow Jack Pumper Sanitation Hose 9NFYLJK

All extruded heavy wall sanitation suction hose. Unique interlock construction provides for extreme flexibility and kink resistance

Heavy Duty Vacuum HoseHeavy Duty Vacuum Hose TPUVAC

All extruded construction, light weight alternative to cumbersome rubber hose. Designed specifically for transfer of abrasive materials under vacuum

Static Conductor Material Handling HoseMedium Duty Material Handling Hose Static Conductor

A flexible conductive hose designed to allow for safe grounding during wet and dry material transfer operations. This hose is lightweight with a smooth interior for optimum flow

PVCX with Static WirePVCX with Static Wire

Lightweight translucent PVC duct has an easily accessible static grounding wire. Economical dust and wood particle collection duct

Nova-Green Urethane HoseNova-Green Urethane Hose 9NFNOVAGREEN

A lightweight urethane alternative to cumbersome PVC hose. Designed specifically for the landscaping market. Nova-Green all urethane tube provides superior abrasion resistance and excellent flexibility

Static Dissipating HoseStatic Dissipating Hose 9SFTPUW_ _SD

Manufactured using inherently dissipating urethane permanently protects against electrostatic discharge

Urethane Sweeper HoseUrethane Sweeper Hose 9SFTPUW_HW60

An economical alternative to cumbersome rubber hose. Polyurethane wall for superior abrasion resistance

Clear Extruded PVC Blower DuctClear Extruded PVC Blower Duct

All extruded PVC Blower duct provides an economical alternative to fabric reinforced blower duct