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Barrier Fuel Feed & Vent HoseBarrier Fuel Feed & Vent Hose Series 360-09

Designed to meet fuel hose specifications of SAE J1527 - A1-15, ISO 7840 and certified to be EPA compliant

All Rubber Fuel Feed and Vent HoseAll Rubber Fuel Feed and Vent Hose Series 360-03

Designed to meet vent hose specifications of SAE J1527 and ISO 7840. The all rubber construction offers greater flexibility and compression for ease of coupling installation. Formulated to handle gasoline, diesel and alcohol blended fuels

Multi-Purpose Exhaust & Fuel Fill HoseMulti-Purpose Exhaust & Fuel Fill Hose Series 842BT

Multi-purpose rubber marine hose designed to meet the requirements of J1527 A2 fuel fill hose requirements and also perform excellently as a marine exhaust hose in those oily applications that standard EPDM exhaust hose can not meet