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Split Conduit TubingSplit Conduit Tubing Series 128

Split Conduit Tubing. Flame Retardant. Cable and wire harness.

Outboard Motor Cable CoverOutboard Motor Cable Cover Series 186

Cable conduit designed to conceal hose or cable of outboard motor

Ventilation DuctingVentilation Ducting Series 400/402

Flame resistant PVC ducting designed for venting bilge gases. Ozone and sunlight resistant.

Non-Insulated AC Ventilation DuctingNon-Insulated AC Ventilation Ducting Series 460

Extremely tough non-insulated flexible rubber air duct constructed with a heavy vinyl-coated fiberglass cloth, mechanically locked together with a scuff resistant protecting galvanized steel helix. Impact resistant ULC-S110 and UL-181 Class1 product

Insulated AC - Ventilation DuctingInsulated AC - Ventilation Ducting Series 460R

High pressure insulated flexible duct, with a core of vinyl coated fiberglass cloth, mechanically locked together by a corrosive resistant galvanized steel helix. Liner covered with thick fiberglass insulation a flame retardant, non toxic polyethylene vapor barrier