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Static Dissipating HoseStatic Dissipating Hose 9SFTPUW_ _SD

The static dissipating material with the wire helix allows for safe grounding when used with metallic fittings

U-lok 200U-lok 200 3UL200X

Heavier gauge fabric and coating to provide longer service life. Neoprene coating provides good cold temperature resistance compared with PVC

SF TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber)SF TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) 9SFTPRW

Molecularly bonded high temperature thermo plastic rubber. Exceeds temperature limit of most plastics and is an economical alternative to specialty fabric duct

SF PVC (Thermo Plastic PVC)SF PVC (Thermo Plastic PVC) 9SFPVCW

This duct’s special molecularly bonded construction means less turbulence for maximum flow efficiency


Double-ply bonded construction provides enhanced positive pressure performance with UL94V0 approved materials.


Double ply bonded construction coupled with a scuff guard for additional external abrasion resistance