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Low Temp Oil Return Hose SAE 100R4Low Temp Oil Return Hose SAE 100R4 3233

A special low temperature hydraulic return line that meets or exceeds the requirements of SAE100R4 type hose. This hose provides good flexibility for those hydraulic applications that operate in temperatures to -65°F

Sae100R4 Oil Return HoseSae100R4 Oil Return Hose 3254

A very flexible return line hose designed for farming, industrial and construction equipment and other similar applications

Dock HoseDock Hose 3277

This is a multi-purpose hose designed for suction and discharge applications. This dock hose is highly flexible and has an all weather cover which is resistant to oil, cuts, abrasion and gouges

Nitrile Hot Tar & AsphaltNitrile Hot Tar & Asphalt 3859BT

Designed for the transfer of tar, asphalt, hot oils and other high temperature petroleum based products

Nitrile Tube Hot Tar & Asphalt Heavy Duty HoseNitrile Tube Hot Tar & Asphalt Heavy Duty Hose 3860

A more robust hose with extra working pressure to meet higher application requirements. This is a heavy duty hot tar and hot oil suction and transfer hose

Nova BioFuel 100Nova BioFuel 100 Suction/Discharge 4805

A rubber hose designed to handle all grades of Biodiesel and Ethanol. This is a flexible, full suction and discharge hose for in plant applications or for loading tank cars and trucks