Uni-VR - Composite Hose Part Number: 3UCVRGG

Uni-VR - Composite Hose


This composite hose is ideal for use in petroleum and petrochemical vapor recovery systems in ship to shore, bottom loading and tank truck applications. This composite hose is lightweight and flexible. Manufactured to meet specification CFR33-154. Available with a yellow or orange cover.


  • G- High Tensile Galvanized Carbon Steel Inner Helix
  • G- High Tensile Galvanized Carbon Steel Outer Helix
  • Yellow Cover
*Available with a polypropylene coated and stainless steel inner helix.

Temperature Range

-40°F (-40°C) to 80°F (27°C)



Working Pressure (psi)
Burst Pressure (psi)
Bend Radius (in.)
Weight per ft.
Max Length
2.5" 145 580 7.08" 1.41 130'
3" 145 580 8.07" 1.67 130'
4" 145 580 10.43" 1.74 130'