Ductall U9 Industrial Hose

Ductall U9


The U9 profile serves as an excellent lightweight flexible hose to be used both as wiring conduit or small vacuum hose

  • DUCTALL U9 is also designed for industrial applications like moving air, liquid and materials with suction or gravity
  • As a conduit, DUCTALL U9 can be used to reliably link delicate cables from moving parts like moving scanners or moving sensors to controllers
  • Dust
  • Light media
  • Fume collection
  • Wiring conduit


  • DUCTALL U9 Hose is unsurpassed in maneuverability and resiliency. The robust nature of its profile shape and thickness provides a strong crushproof construction if stepped on
  • The co-extrusion stripe provides DUCTALL U9 with additional wear resistance allowing it to meet the demands of the toughest applications
  • Lightweight – Unique design eliminates the need for metal support. DUCTALL U9 utilizes the strength of the plastic itself, offering as a result a lightweight hose with toughness and amazing flexibility.
  • Corrosion Resistant – DUCTALL U9 is fabricated out of Ethylene Co-Polymer (LDPE) providing an excellent resistance to most acids and alkalies
  • Crush Recovery – DUCTALL U9 springs back to its original shape when crushed or twisted
  • Smooth Bore – Its smooth interior wall reduces considerably friction to a minimum for faster, more efficient job
  • Wear Resistant – Its caps and channel construction resists scrapes and wear
  • Two-Tone color – DUCTALL U9 hose is unequalled in appearance. Its design permits the production of a two color hose. Color(s): silver on black

Temperature Range

-40°F to 150°F, depending on nature of application



Weight (lbs./ft.)
Max Vacuum (In./Hg.)
Max Recommended Positive Pressure (PSI)
Min. Bend Radius (in.)
Length (ft.)
1/2" N/A 0.06 20 10 1-1/4" 50'
5/8" 15/16" 0.08 20 10 1-1/2" 50'
3/4" 1-1/16" 0.09 20 10 2-3/4" 50'
7/8" 1-3/16" 0.13 20 10 3" 50'