HI-VAC Suction Hose

HI-VAC Suction Hose


HI VAC is the flexible hose used in a wide range of industrial applications where suction, crush and wear resistance are a must for a variety of environment as:

  • Excavation and construction
  • Machine to machine liquid or material transfers
  • Tank or vat material liquid transfer
  • Sanitary-cesspool to truck transfers
  • and many more...


  • All polyethylene construction (LDPE) makes HI-VAC corrosion resistant and extremely flexible, even at sub zero temperatures
  • Its strong profile construction offers a much longer durability with an incredibly low weight compared to rubber construction
  • Crushproof – will spring back to original shape after being crushed; it will not kink.
  • Smooth Bore – Smooth interior wall increases pump efficiency and decreases the blocking risk
  • Wear Resistant – Cap resists wear and deterioration even in real tough environment
  • Leak Proof Cuffs – Very strong black overmolded cuffs for a long lasting leak proof and safe operation. Each hose and cuff unit is 100% factory tested
  • Flexible even at -40°F
  • Color: Yellow with a black cap

Temperature Range

-40°F to 150°F



Weight (lbs./ft.)
Max Vacuum (In./Hg.)
Max Recommended Positive Pressure (PSI)
Bend Radius (in.)
1-1/2" 2.17" 0.6 29 20 2.25" 10/20/30/40/50'
2" 2.76" 0.85 29 15 3.5" 10/20/30/40/50'
3" 4.06" 1.6 29 7 6.5" 10/20/30/40/50'