MC-VAC Vacuum Hose



  • Vacuum Cleaner for Carwash applications
  • Wet and Dry applications
  • Portable extraction for Commercial Applications
  • Portable Wood Working Tools
  • Building Contractor Vacuum Cleaners for dry wall dust, building clean-up etc...


A lightweight LDPE, extremely flexible hose, MC-VAC dual crushproof construction with smooth interior exceeds the abrasion and vacuum requirements for carwash and portable extraction applications. Color: gray on black

  • Dual Profile Construction – Two profiles bonded together for added crush resistance and long lasting use in difficult environment as carwash vacuuming
  • Smooth Bore – Thanks to its double profile structure, its interior walls are particularly smooth ensuring increased material flow efficiency.
  • Wear Resistant – The external side of the cap profile offers superior resistance against wear and deterioration.

Temperature Range

-40°F to 150°F



Weight (lbs./ft.)
Max Vacuum (In./Hg.)
Max Recommended Positive Pressure (PSI)
1-1/2" 0.25 20 10 50'