Versilon FEP-F Food and Beverage Dispensing Tubing

Versilon FEP-F Food and Beverage Dispensing Tubing


Versilon™ FEP-F is a clear high-strength tubing especially suitable for high temperature or corrosive food dispensing applications. Versilon FEP-F resists attack by acidic foods and flavoring oils which may degrade other plastic tubing types. It is also suitable for dispensing hot liquids such as coffee or tea with little risk of flavor alteration due to its low extractables and low moisture absorption compared to other tubing products. In addition, Versilon™ FEP-F resists cracking at temperatures as low as -418°F (-250°C), making it suitable use in freezers and with dry ice.

Features and Benefit

  • Inert and transparent
  • Low tackiness
  • Suitable for hot or cold food and beverage dispensing


  • Food and Beverage Dispensing
  • Cleaning Chemical Dispensing