Versilon MHH

Versilon MHH


Versilon MHH Milk Hauler Hose is ideal when you are tired of stiff hoses during winter months, or pinhole leaks during elevated cleaning temperature, or cracked helix problems due to pressure surges or aging. Versilon MHH hose is the most flexible and the lightest weight rubber milk pick-up hose. Versilon MHH Milk Hauler hose is designed to replace PVC hose when your application requires flexibility during the freezing winter months or for elevated temperatures. It is engineered to solve your quality problems and save you money with less frequent hose replacement purchases or repairs. As an added cost saving, This hose can be ordered with Versilon™ Reseal fittings.

Features and Benefit

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Remains supple even in extremely cold temperatures
  • Resists pinhole leaks during high temperature cleaning
  • Reduces cracked helix problems caused by pressure surges or aging


  • Food and beverage
  • Dairy