Versilon SPT-70 IB Flexible, Food & Beverage Tubing

Versilon SPT-70 IB Flexible, Food & Beverage Tubing


Versilon SPT-70 IB is a reinforced, platinum-cured silicone tubing imparts no taste or odors and was developed for food and beverage dispensing applications. Versilon SPT-70 IB tubing has an unsurpassed level of inner surface smoothness which inhibits protein binding and bacterial growth. Additionally, the smooth inner diameter of Versilon SPT-70 IB silicone tubing improves the fluid flow characteristics by reducing the peaks and valleys on the inner surface topography.

Features and Benefit

  • Consistently smooth inner surface limits particle entrapment
  • Platinum cured to minimize extractables
  • Tough braid reinforcement permits use under elevated working pressures
  • Withstands repeated CIP and SIP cleaning
  • Custom color striping available