Sigma-Vapor Recovery HD Red Hose

Sigma-Vapor Recovery HD Red Hose


High quality vapor recovery hose for heavy duty applications. Specially compounded, non-permeable polyurethane designed to be compatiable with gasoline, diesel and most biofuels, such as Ethanol (up to E-98) and biodiesel vapors (B-100 meeting ASTM D-6751). Extremely flexible, even in sub-zero temperatures.


  • Tube: Clear, specially compounded Polyurethane
  • Reinforcement: Rigid, Bright Red PVC helix
  • Grounding: Embedded anodized copper wire
  • Below specification at 70°F.
  • Service temperature depends on actual application.

Temperature Range

-40°F to 150°F



Part #
I.D. Size (In.)
Max Working Pressure (PSI)
Vacuum (In./HG)
Bend Radius (In.)
Lbs / Ft.
Standard Length (Ft.)
SPVC-VRH-3.0-100 3" 13 29 4.5" 0.96 100'
SPVC-VRH-4.0-100 4" 11 29 5.5" 1.28 100'